Small Business

Attorney Nagurney advises and counsels clients concerning questions regarding small businesses.

Topics typically discussed include:

  1. Choosing a business vehicle (ie. Sole practitioner, partnership, Sub-chapter S corporation, business corporation, or LLC/LLP);
  2. Compliance with the legal requirements to establish such a business; and
  3. Addressing inquiries concerning the legal aspects of a business’s day-to-day operations.

Often, there is no right or wrong answer regarding questions arising in the context of a small business. Rather, there are “business decisions” which must be made.

Attorney Nagurney helps his clients to resolve such “business decisions” by exploring with his clients the available alternatives; and analyzing, from both legal and practical perspectives,  the potential benefits and associated risks of the alternative agent courses of action.

As a solo practitioner,  Attorney Nagurney recognizes the unique challenges faced by the owner of a small business, including the perceived prohibitive cost of proactive, before the fact, crisis preventative legal services. Attorney Nagurney strives to provide quality legal services which are affordable to the small business owner.