Living Wills

A Living Will document, also commonly referred to as “final directives,” contains legally enforceable instructions given by you to your future medical provider(s) which instruct your medical providers what to do and what not to do if you are in a state of permanent unconsciousness; and, from a medical science perspective have no likelihood of recovery,  and are dying.

It is very important to realize that a Living Will has absolutely no effect and does not come into consideration so long as you are aware of your circumstances and/or your medical treatment is given for the purpose of your  recovery rather than addressing your dying process.

The Living Will document commonly used in Pennsylvania provides for the acceptance or rejection of  numerous medical treatments and procedures often considered and/or utilized during end-of-life treatment.

The Pennsylvania Living Will document also permits the granting of the power to “override” the previously executed Living Will to a person or persons specifically designated and granted the power to override.

Attorney Nagurney will counsel and advise you concerning  a Living Will and its applicability to your personal situation.