Does filing bankruptcy mean that I have failed? – NO!

Absent fraud or illegality, the bankruptcy process places very little emphasis on why a person needs to file. Rather, the purpose of the bankruptcy process is to afford a “fresh start” to good people experiencing hard times.

The typical reasons for filing a bankruptcy includes; loss of employment, illness, a bad economy, business failure, divorce, and simply over-spending. If you didn’t have financial problems you wouldn’t be considering filing bankruptcy (or reading this website).

Typically, by the time someone finds their way to a Bankruptcy lawyer, he or she been harassed, embarrassed, offended, and otherwise “beat up” by creditors and bill collectors. You absolutely will be treated with respect and dignity within the bankruptcy process.

The concept of “bankruptcy” has existed for many centuries. The “Jubilee Year” discussed in the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 25 speaks regarding debt and debt forgiveness. These same concepts are now often characterized as “bankruptcy issues”.

Many of the Colonists who we now view with great reverence chose an uncertain future in the “New World”, including the risk of death during their journey across the Atlantic Ocean, rather than remaining in European debtor’s prisons. For that reason, there are no debtor’s prisons in this country. From our earliest beginnings, bankruptcy has always been part of this country’s federal jurisprudence.

“Attorney Nagurney” will discuss these and other matters with you, during your consultation with him.