A meeting with “Attorney Nagurney” – what to expect and what is expected?

Your meeting with Attorney Nagurney will likely require between one hour to an hour and one-half of your time. This meeting will be an opportunity to discuss your financial situation in a casual and relaxed setting.

Upon your arrival, you will be asked to provide identifying information such as; your name, address, and Social Security Number. You will also be asked to provide your driver’s license or some other governmental proof of identification.

Your meeting with “Attorney Nagurney” will focus upon four principal questions:

            *What do you own?

            *What do you owe?

            *What is your monthly household income?

            *What are your monthly household expenses?

In order to answer these questions, you will be asked to bring with you to your appointment a recent year- to- date pay record for each household members, pay records could include but are not limited to the following; paystubs, Social Security Award Letter, Pension Certificate, Alimony/Child Support, and/or SNAP/Cash Assistance [The use of income information for all household members does not mean that those persons will be included in a bankruptcy filing.] Household income is a critical factor in determining which chapter of bankruptcy is most appropriate; or under some circumstances, mandated. “Attorney Nagurney” will explain how these circumstances may affect your case.

You will need to bring copies of all available bills. “Attorney Nagurney” will very often obtain a credit report for the purpose of verifying how much you owe. [This will not be a “credit scored” report. Rather, it is specifically designed to be used by bankruptcy Attorney’s.] Please do not panic if you cannot find all of your bills!

“Attorney Nagurney” will talk to you about what things you own and their value. The term “value” for bankruptcy purposes refers to what some of money in item would fetch if sold. “”Priceless family keepsakes” often have very little monetary value. It is important to realize that in the great majority of bankruptcy cases, the only thing which a debtor loses is his or her bills. Attorney Nagurney will be able to advise you regarding your specific circumstances.

Your household expenses will be discussed. Your household expenses are probably more than you realize. This discussion concerning how and where you spend your money will be very “frank” but will remain non-judgmental.

You must be totally candid and forthcoming about your situation.

“Attorney Nagurney” will tell you where you stand. He will explain each of your options to you; and based upon his years of experience, suggest their likely results. You will therefore be able to make an informed decision.

However, the ultimate decision concerning what you do with this information is yours to make.


“Attorney Nagurney” does not give free consultations. Rather, modest but fair fee will be assessed.

For consumer cases a consultation fee, typically $50.00, will be required. This fee will reimburse “Attorney Nagurney” for his cost incurred to obtain your credit report and will allow his him to provide to you the necessary time and personal attention required to address your specific needs.

Business consultations are typically very situation oriented and fact specific. A fair fee consultation fee for business bankruptcy matters will be established on a case-by-case basis.